T6 Turntable

Designed in the classical Transcriptors style, the latest model of the T-6 is constructed around a 20mm thick CNC machined acrylic plinth which is available in either black or clear acrylic with diamond polished edges. The platter is manufactured from acrylic and features three aluminium inertia weights. An optional aluminium flat platter is also available. The bearing in a phosphorous-bronze design with a PTFE thrust pad. In order to reduce vibration and transferred noise to the absolute minimum possible, the synchronous AC motor uses an ingenious three-point sprung suspension, effectively isolating it from the plinth.

The turntable is supplied without a tonearm but optional tone arm packages are available. Other arm boards are also available for virtually any classic or modern arm. Effectively heralding a ‘new dawn’ for Transcriptors, this superb looking and performing turntable is supplied with a comprehensive two-year warranty.

Each of our T6 turntables are hand crafted and can be tailored to meet any customer specific requirement, therefore we usually operate on a lead time of 15 working days from placement of order.



Stylus Brush

The iconic stylus brush that was fitted to our original hydraulic reference turntable is now available to order. Please contact us for further information and pricing.